Euclyde Data Centers: France's Lyon facility of Euclyde Data Centers is Being Expanded

Apr 24, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Lyon data center of French operator Euclyde Data Centers is growing. The business announced this week that it is adding two new data halls to its DC5 data center in Villeurbanne, as first reported by According to the statement, the project, which will house more than 140 racks, will cost the company more than $2.2 million. Euclyde claimed that 'major players' in the health and ESN sectors have reserved the first 60 racks. Anwar Saliba, managing director of Euclyde Data Centers, stated that the company is pleased to announce the opening of new hosting rooms that have been created to assist their clients in completing their long-term digital transformation by utilizing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and effective infrastructures.

The company's Lyon location, which is at 45–47, rue Francis de Pressensé, opened its doors in 2018. The location consists of two buildings totaling 2,000 square meters, 600 of which are used for IT rooms. In 2016, Euclyde acquired the data center from web services provider Netissime, and the following year the site underwent $6.4 million in expansion. Since its establishment in 2004, Euclyde has expanded to six locations in France, with a combined 5,500 square meters of IT space spread across Lyon, Sophia Antipolis (x2) in Antibes, Besancon outside of Dijon, the Lognes neighborhood of eastern Paris, and Strasbourg. Additionally, the business provides space in LuxConnect's Bettembourg, Luxembourg facility. The Kwattro group and two Credit Agricole investment funds jointly own Euclyde Data Centers.