Georgia: Fayetteville Georgia Looking To Annex Land For a $1 billion Data Center

Apr 20, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Fayette County is looking to annex 412 acres of land for a $1 billion data center project in Fayetteville. The city council will meet before the week runs out to discuss annexing this land for a data center campus that can span 1.5 million square feet with 250MW of capacity. In recent years, different companies have proposed developing a data center on the site. The most recent of this proposal was in 2020 by Oceanic Data Centers, which was approved. 

Earlier in 2018, Facebook showed interest in the land for its data center. However, it decided to build a data center in Newton County instead. According to The Citizen, discussions with the social media giant never yielded a positive result. However, the annexation request is the biggest step on the site so far. The land is currently being used for farming. However, it has been labeled in the city’s comprehensive plan as a good fit for a business park.