Expedient Data Centers: Expedient expands with Addition of New Milwaukee Data Center

Oct 21, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Expedient has acquired a new data center in Franklin City, Wisconsin. The facility has 28,500 square feet of space, and it offers 1.2MW of critical power. It also has the capacity for over 8,000 physical servers. The facility will help Expedient serve its growing customer demand for cloud-based, IaaS offerings in the central US. In addition, the facility will help customers leverage their IT investments while also taking advantage of hyperscale and cloud environments.

The acquired facility will help customers optimize performance, hybrid-IT operations, and costs across various environments. Expedient was founded in 2001, and it now has a total of 12 data centers in the United States. Senior VP & Chief Strategy Officer at Expedient, Bryan Smith, said the company is available to help all organizations transition into the cloud.

Expedient's Press Release on October 20, 2021

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Expedient today announced the opening of a new data center in the City of Franklin, Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee County, to better serve increasing customer demand for its cloud based, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings in the central United States. Expedient will immediately offer its best-in-class suite of curated tech stack capabilities from this 28,500 sq ft. facility, equipped with 1.2-megawatts of critical power serving the data center, making it possible for clients to leverage their legacy IT investments while taking advantage of cloud and hyperscale environments.

The state-of-the-art facility, which has the capacity for more than 8,000 physical servers, is designed to help clients optimize hybrid-IT operations, performance, and costs across various environments, including co-location, public, private, or multi-cloud. This is the company's 12th data center location in the US, making it possible for customers to ensure that applications and workloads are optimized and running on the right IT platform, regardless of where the infrastructure resides.

"We're here to help organizations of all sizes make the transition into the cloud," says Bryan Smith, Senior VP & Chief Strategy Officer at Expedient. "This isn't a rip-and-replace or a one size fits all approach. We see an evolution and journey taking place whereby our clients are improving overall enterprise efficiencies by being able to pick and choose optimal solutions around infrastructure, data management, automation, security and networking. This new cloud data center helps augment and solidify the company's Cloud Different approach, launched in April of this year, while giving us a bigger footprint in the central US to better service customers."

Expedient is now one of just a few Cloud Service Providers (CSP), delivering services from a Milwaukee cloud node. Large hyperscale cloud providers offer Milwaukee cloud services out of Chicago via partners and/or lower-tier technology models. Expedient continues to expand its data center footprint and now offers expansive hybrid IT/multi-cloud services from a Milwaukee-based facility – delivering uncompromising performance, flexibility, scale along with locally based expert service. With Expedient, clients can co-locate hardware they own in the same building where their cloud workloads and virtual desktops reside, which significantly reduces their cost of operations and simplifies their IT environment.

"Expedient's decision to invest in a Milwaukee area data center shows the importance of midwestern cities to the growing tech industry. A combination of high caliber talent, stable geography, and growing investment in tech by traditional industries make the Milwaukee region an ideal location to service midwestern clients," says Kathy Henrich, CEO, MKE Tech Hub Coalition.

The data center is designed to meet or exceed the criteria of a Tier 3 data center as defined by the Uptime Institute's Data Center Classification System. Redundant power and cooling infrastructure systems are available within the data center and include two-standby, diesel fuel, engine-generators. As a leading full-stack CSP, Expedient continues to deliver innovative cloud computing and data center Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities from all 12 data center locations Additionally, the company plans to hire a dozen employees in the coming months to help support the new location. For more information on Expedient data centers click here.