Expedient Data Centers: Expedient acquires data center in Phoenix, Arizona

Nov 03, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Expedient has acquired a data center in Phoenix, which Blue Cross Shield formerly owned. The facility it acquired is located at 2475 West Townley Avenue. It is a 2.4MW capacity data center with 45,000 square feet of space. Expedient says the facility was built to Tier III standards. Expedient’s newly acquired facility is the same one Five 9s Digital bought from Blue Cross Blue Shield in October. 

Senior VP & Chief Strategy Officer at Expedient, Bryan Smith, said the company would continue to expand its data center footprint in under-serviced markets to meet increasing customer demand. He added that Expedient differentiates itself from other data center operators by offering a portfolio of services designed to get applications and workloads working on the proper infrastructure from the jump. 

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