Equinix: Equinix unveils new sustainability initiatives

Feb 03, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Equinix recently opened its Co-Innovation Facility (CIF) based near Washington, DC, which will be home to a number of trials focusing on the development of sustainable data center tech. At the facility, the company will partner with Bloom Energy, ZutaCore, Virtual Power Systems (VPS), and Natron Energy, with the goal of creating solutions that will help it achieve its carbon-neutral goals. 

In partnership with Bloom Energy, Equinix will explore the development and application of modular fuel cell technology and alternatives to diesel generators for backup power. Meanwhile, with ZutaCore, the company will look into the use of high-density liquid cooling technology in large colocation data centers. Finally, in collaboration with VPS and Natron Energy, it will explore a software approach to data center power management.

Speaking about its partnership with Equinix for this research project, Bloom Energy VP product management Deia Bayoumi commented: “Building upon our continued collaboration with Equinix, we’re proud to bring our solution to the CIF and move the industry toward a more sustainable future.” Further to this, speaking about Bloom’s technology, Bayoumi said it “eliminates reliance on electricity utilities to meet capacity.” 

While the exploration of such innovations is undoubtedly promising, Equinix has not published its timeline or a deadline for completion, and as such, it is difficult to ascertain when these technologies will be ready for adoption and rollout. 

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