Equinix Bordeaux BX1: Equinix to Open First Carrier-Neutral Data Center in Bordeaux, France

Mar 04, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

Equinix has announced plans to open its first data center in Bordeaux, France. The company announced that the new facility will be known as BX1 and is projected to open in the third quarter of 2021. The company is planning to provide approximately 32,000 square feet (3,000 square meters) of colocation space.

The new BX1 facility will provide a landing hub for the new Amitié submarine cable system. Amitié was funded by a consortium comprising Facebook, Microsoft, Aqua Comms, and Vodafone. It will consist of 16 fiber pairs, each with up to 23 Tbps of capacity.

BX1 will be the first carrier-neutral data center in Bordeaux. Other colocation facilities in Bordeaux include cloud provider Cheops Technology, Cogent Communications, Aliénor.net, and CIS Valley.

Equinix Press Release on March 4th, 2021:
REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the world's digital infrastructure company™, today announced it intends to open its first data center in BORDEAUX, FRANCE, in Q3 2021. With direct fiber links to Equinix's International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) sites in PARIS, this new facility—named BX1—will provide global businesses and local authorities located in New Aquitaine with the ability to connect directly and securely to the world's digital economy, via comprehensive digital ecosystems.

Increasing connectivity opportunities further, BX1 will provide a landing hub for the new submarine cable, AMITIE, due to link France to the United States and Great Britain, creating a new European gateway for data traffic between the United States and Europe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the true importance of digital technology. From telecommuting, to increased automation and collaboration, technological innovation has made it possible to comply with restrictions, but also to capture new opportunities.

Indeed, digital transformation is reshaping industries worldwide. According to the World Economic Forum, digital will account for 60% of global GDP by 2022, and it is estimated that 70% of the new value created over the next decade will be based on digital platforms. However, this development is dependent on the ability to process data and create synergies between companies within physical infrastructures, located as close as possible to users.

Strategically located in the southwest of France, near the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux is establishing itself as a new hub on the map of global connectivity. A pioneer of the smart city concept, Bordeaux has attracted a high concentration of start-ups and is home to cutting-edge industries such as aerospace and optics photonics. The city is also home to a growing business community of global and local companies that require low latency, increased bandwidth and strong connectivity to major network, content and cloud services providers, to establish and grow their businesses.

BX1 further supports this growing digital hub. And by providing access to Platform Equinix®, the development will offer a highly connected footprint of capabilities and services, enabling businesses to connect their core digital infrastructure around the world.

Highlights/Key Facts
  • BX1 will be the first carrier-neutral data center in Bordeaux. As a true connectivity hub, BX1 will offer customers secure and resilient colocation and interconnection services, as well as the opportunity to benefit from the comprehensive digital ecosystems housed in Equinix's Paris sites, via Equinix Fabric™.
  • With more than 220 facilities across five continents, Platform Equinix enables companies in France to quickly and easily connect to the world's most important business markets, including financial centers and gateways to emerging economies. BX1 further demonstrates Equinix's commitment to helping companies compete more effectively in France and internationally, thus strengthening France's position in the global digital economy.
  • BX1 features a modular design—flexible, efficient and quickly adjustable. This allows for multiple configurations and scaling of a common model across different footprints. The site is due to provide colocation space of approximately 32,000 square feet (3,000 square meters).
  • BX1 is being built in line with global environmental standards and will contribute to a portfolio of some of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world. Indeed, BX1 is due to utilize 100% renewable energy, with the decoupled energy platform supporting multiple power sources while providing greener energy storage and greater resilience. Equinix is dedicated to providing sustainable infrastructure, and has been awarded the EcoVadis Silver medal since 2017, recently scored the highest rating on its first response to the DPP's Committed to Sustainability survey, and received an A- ranking from CDP. The company has also joined European cloud infrastructure and data center providers and European trade associations to form the Climate Neutral Data Centre Operator Pact and Self-Regulatory Initiative.

  • Régis Castagné, Managing Director, France, Equinix:
    "The development of BX1 is part of our ongoing commitment to the French market, further supporting the growth of the local digital economy and digital transformation strategies. It is an exciting project, bringing the first edge computing-led data center to the area, and also providing a connectivity hub for the AMITIE cable. By locating in Bordeaux, we are hoping to make the New Aquitaine region a model for innovation, addressing technological issues and capturing the opportunities of digital business. With fiber links to our sites in Paris, companies deploying in BX1 will have direct and secure connections to a comprehensive digital ecosystem."
  • Eugene Bergen Henegouwen, President, EMEA, Equinix:
    "The addition of the new Bordeaux metro is another strategic expansion of Platform Equinix, further supporting our more than 10,000 customers worldwide. The Bordeaux hub will serve as one of the key connectivity points to Paris with its rich wide-ranging digital ecosystems. BX1 aims to greatly increase international expansion opportunities for French companies, whilst providing a major connectivity hub from and to the French and global digital economy."
  • Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Executive Vice President Network Infrastructures and International Services, Orange:
    "It is hoped the landing of the new transatlantic mega cable near Bordeaux will ultimately enable the New Aquitaine region to become a global data exchange center, building a strong and innovative digital ecosystem to support its economic development. This is the first time in several decades that a new submarine cable connectivity point has been created in France. This will contribute, on the one hand, to offering greater resilience in data transmissions between Europe and the United States, but also, as we did a few years ago in Marseilles, to maximize the economic benefits that can be brought by submarine cables, by irrigating new areas with high development potential. We worked together to achieve this, and are particularly pleased with the result."
  • Mr. Jean-François Pierron, Elected Member of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
    "Equinix's presence in Bordeaux will give companies access to industry-leading digital services as well as the opportunities afforded to companies located in Paris. BX1 will strengthen our digital ecosystem and the attractiveness of our region in promoting the development of companies here."