Equinix: Equinix sued over alleged patent infringement

Jul 25, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Equinix is being faced with a lawsuit from Cloud Conductor LLC, a multi-cloud management firm, over accusations that the colocation giant stole its technology that was placed in one of its data centers. According to the filing, Equinix began offering a cloud connectivity service identical to a product patented by Cloud Conductors within Platform Equinix, named "Cloud Network Services Provider Having a Gateway for Subscriber Specified Connection to a Cloud Service Provider".

The suit outlines that the giant added network services to Platform Equinix when it "knew or should have known of the ‘085 Patent but was willfully blind to the existence of the ‘085 Patent".

Further to this, the complaint, signed by Cloud Conductor attorneys Joe Grant and Jennifer Gordon of Lorium PLLC, said: "Prior to Cloud Conductor becoming a client of Defendant [Equinix], Defendant did not offer the services covered by Cloud Conductor's patent. As a result of Defendant's unfettered access to Cloud Conductor's network, structure, and routing and switching system, Defendant was able to copy Cloud Conductor's patented material and offer it for sale to its expansive breadth of clients around the world, foreclosing the opportunity for Cloud Conductor to take market advantage of its unique intellectual property."