Equinix: Equinix Says Its New Wholesale Data Center Business is Much Bigger Than Previously Thought

Jul 09, 2018 | Posted by Eric Bell

Equinix is in the sweet spot to capture a bigger share of the wholesale data center market, which are generally deployments larger than 1 megawatt. Equinix's Interconnection ecosystems are a strong magnet, even for larger compute deployments.

The mid-point of guidance for Equinix’s new wholesale data center initiative has been 100MW per year, but one of the company’s top executives told Data Center Knowledge that the sales pipeline for HIT is already 400MW • HIT, which stands for Hyperscale Infrastructure Team, is part of the retail colocation giant’s strategy to reel in the next wave of data center deployments by the largest cloud and SaaS providers, who are expected to attract more enterprise business • Leading HIT is Jim Smith, former CTO of Digital Realty Trust, which has a similar strategy.

The midpoint of the company’s guidance for HIT’s 1MW and 2MW wholesale-like “nodes” has been 100MW per year over the next five years. But Equinix already has a 400MW pipeline for the product, Charles Meyers, the company’s president of strategy, services, and innovation, told Data Center Knowledge in an interview.

"HIT will probably be closer to the high end of 300MW to 700MW, rather than the low end [of the guidance]," he said. The 1MW and 2MW deployments referred to in the past were “land and expand” builds, meaning the actual capacity would eventually reach 5MW or 6MW per node.
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