Equinix: Equinix is Exiting Eight Leased Data Centers In The US

May 10, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

Equinix has announced that it would not be renewing the leases for eight of its data centers in the US. The data centers are situated in New York, Georgia, and some in California and Atlanta. Equinix commented that the reason for the development is that some of the facilities don’t meet the future operational, expansion, or sustainability needs of its customers.

Equinix also announced that it would be migrating its customers to nearby facilities and that it has the capacity to handle the migration. Deadlines for customer relocation start in April 2022, and most are scheduled between 2023 and 2025.

Christian Koch scooped the story early and listed the following facilities in his weekly newsletter:

AT2 in Atlanta, GA – July 31, 2024 
 56 Marietta Street NW, 5th Floor, Atlanta, GA 
 Owned by Digital Realty

AT3 in Atlanta, GA – July 31, 2024
 56 Marietta Street NW, 6th Floor, Atlanta, GA
 Owned by Digital Realty 

AT5 in Atlanta, GA – June 30, 2024 
 2836 Peterson Place Northwest, Norcross, GA 
 Legacy Verizon

LA2 in Los Angeles, CA – January 31, 2025 
 818 W 7th Street, 6th Floor, Los Angeles, CA
 Owned by Downtown Properties

NY8 in New York, NY – September 30, 2022 
 60 Hudson St, New York, NY
 Owned/Managed by Stahl/Colliers

SV6 in Silicon Valley, CA – April 30, 2022    
 444 Toyama Dr, Sunnyvale, CA
 Legacy Switch & Data, Owned by Digital Realty 

SV13 in Silicon Valley, CA – March 31, 2023
 2030 Fortune Drive, Suite 130, San Jose, CA
 Owned by H5 Data Centers

SV17 in Silicon Valley, CA – April 30, 2025
 3030 Corvin Drive, Pod A, Santa Clara, CA 
 Legacy Terremark