Equinix Manchester MA2: Equinix Is Closing Its MA2 Facility in Manchester

Jan 31, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Equinix has announced that it will be closing its MA2 facility in Manchester, UK. The data center says it will no longer operate the facility when the lease on the property expires in June 2023. According to Equinix, the data center does not meet its evaluation criteria anymore. Besides, the company has also closed its facilities in Helsinki, Finland, and Frankfurt, Germany. Last month, the CTO at hosting firm FAELIX, Marek Isalski, announced on Twitter that Equinix is closing the MA2 facility. He also included a screenshot from Equinix’s notification email to its customers.

The email reads that the data center at Reynolds House, 4 Archway, Hulme, will no longer be in operation by June 30, 2023. ISPreview has also reported the development this week. A spokesperson of Equinix also talked about the development. The person said Equinix regularly reviews its facilities to ensure that they have the capacity to serve customers’ needs while also meeting the company’s long-term strategic business goals. This spokesperson further added that the MA2 facility doesn’t meet the required standard anymore upon evaluation. In light of this, the lease expiration date provides a window to close the site.

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