Equinix Melbourne ME2: Equinix Expands its M2 Data Center in Melbourne, Australia

Sep 02, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Equinix has announced that it has completed the expansion of its second Melbourne data center in Australia. The expansion cost the company $23 million (US$ 15.7m). Equinix first opened the ME2 data center in February 2020. The company acquired 500 new cabinets to increase the data center’s total cabinets to 1,500. Its colocation space now spans 43,800 square feet (4,070 square meters). According to the company, the facility has the capacity to span over 88,150 square feet (8,200 square meters). It will also house 3,000 cabinets upon full buildout.

The managing director of Equinix Australia, Guy Danskine, said: “The expansion of ME2 in Melbourne reflects our ongoing commitment and strategy to ensure our customers have access to a rich and diverse ecosystem of network and cloud connectivity services necessary to support their ongoing digital transformation needs.” The data center now houses cloud providers, including Oracle, Microsoft, and Google’s cloud regions. Amazon Web Services is also expected to join the facility before the end of the year.