Equinix MD6: Equinix expands in Madrid, Spain

Sep 20, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Equinix's new IBX facility, known as MD6, is almost ready for opening, the company has announced. The facility is set to span ​1,466 sqm (15,780 sq ft), with a power capacity of 4.8 MW, and offers capacity for 600 racks. Located on Calle de la Pedriza, 12, Alcobendas, this new facility joins the other two IBX facilities currently operated by Equinix in Madrid, and its MD3x hyperscale facility, which is under its xScale brand.
In front of MD6 IBX data center in Madrid, Spain

Speaking about what the launch means, Ignacio Velilla, managing director of Equinix in Spain, said it's an important step to consolidate Madrid as "the engine of the digital economy in Spain," and involves the expansion of its interconnection campus in the country, reinforcing the company's position as a "hub for southern Europe."

Judith Gardiner, vice president of growth and emerging markets at Equinix, added: "At Equinix our ambition is to ensure that Spain's digital infrastructure matches the world's leading markets and to provide local businesses with stronger international connectivity... Thanks to our desire for expansion and continuous innovation, we are providing new capabilities to digital actors that allow them to simplify operations, improve the customer experience and sustainably accelerate the launch of new products and services on a global scale."

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