Equinix: Equinix Announces TY15 in Tokyo

Nov 24, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Equinix has announced that it is developing a new data center in Tokyo called TY15. The company first announced the facility earlier in the month. Equinix revealed that the data center is scheduled to be in operation in H1 2024. The facility will also have a capacity of around 1,200 cabinets by the end of its first phase and 3,700 upon full development. 

The President of Equinix APAC, Jeremy Deutsch, said: “Equinix is ​​committed to helping customers seek interconnectivity as the digital economy develops, both in data centers in major capital cities of the Asia Pacific region and in emerging markets such as Indonesia. Hybrid cloud adoption in the Pacific market is rapidly surpassing global averages, and the additional investment in Japan reflects a growing need for digitization. TY15 welcomes customers and partners looking to expand their digital footprint in the Asia Pacific region. We are expanding the capabilities and services that Equinix can offer to our customers.”

The CEO and President of Equinix Japan, Kuniko Ogawa, also commented on the development. He said: Demand for digital infrastructure is soaring as Japan’s initiatives for a digital economy progress, and TY15 is a new portfolio for Equinix and an important hub for ‘Next TY2.’ are entering their own transformational period, and digital infrastructure for companies is playing an ever more important role in creating new opportunities for business.” 

Ogawa continued by saying: As a gateway, we continue to strengthen our position in the financial industry, leveraging our ever-expanding Shinagawa campus and world-class infrastructure to provide a highly reliable digital infrastructure to support growing demand. Enterprises looking to strengthen their digital ecosystem can leverage Platform Equinix to take advantage of proven, on-demand, robust connectivity with thousands of cloud and network service providers and digital supply partners.”