Equinix: Equinix announces plan to make its Ashburn data center more aesthetically pleasing

Dec 13, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Following approval from the Loudoun Board of Supervisors last week, data center company Equinix has announced that it will be adding multi-colored LED lights to the exterior of one of its data centers in Ashburn, Virginia.

This addition to DC21, located at 22175 Beaumeade Circle in Ashburn, according to Equinix's filing, will "bring a more diverse visibility and positive exposure of data centers within the community, creating a landmark at the entrance to Data Center Alley."

As per the 5-3 vote of county supervisors, 60 ground-mounted fixtures ranging in wattage from 120W up to 235W will be added, pointing inward to illuminate the facade of the facility. Further to this, the company has outlined that the lights will be in festive colors and patterns correlating with various holidays and special occurrences, including: 
  • Valentine’s Day - Pink
  • St. Patrick’s Day - Green
  • Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day - Red, White & Blue patterns
  • Pride Day - Rainbow Patterns
  • Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink
  • Halloween - Black and Orange
  • Hanukkah - Blue and White
  • Christmas - Red, Green and White

Supervisor Sylvia Glass explained that constituents had previously commented that data centers look "ugly," likening them to "big gray blocks." Further to this, she said that the vote provides an "opportunity to do something different to dress things up." She added: "It looks like you're trying to do something to make it more fun. This is the first kind of application like this, so let's see how it works."

However, while this LED addition to the facility has been given the green light, not everyone agrees with the vote. County planning staff, which recommended denying the request, said that the approval is at odds with county policy on light pollution. Supervisor Caleb Kershner, for example, said he was concerned that the area would end up looking like Las Vegas: "One data center might not do it, but many more probably would."