Edge Centres: Edge Centres Completes The Acquisition of Hyson International

Apr 04, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Hyson, a US hosting company, has been bought by Edge Centres. Hyson International, located in Missouri, has been acquired by Edge, a company based in Australia, according to a report last week by M&A advisory firm Corum Group. The agreement's details weren't made public. As a supplier of data center infrastructure and hosting services, Hyson touts itself as specialized in dedicated servers, VMware private clouds, colocation, and blockchain services for SMEs through its Cybercon subsidiary. In St. Louis, Missouri, a Netrality building houses the company's workspace. 

Corum Group's William Hill, SVP, expressed his company's enthusiasm for supporting this transaction. Edge Centres is on a mission to meet the demands of its expanding local markets in Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand by offering high-performance and affordable Edge data center solutions. Edge Centres will be able to accelerate its approach and bring that vision to the US thanks to this deal. According to Jonathan Eaves, the founder and CEO of Edge Centres, working with William and the Corum team made their first American purchase go smoothly. He continued by saying that he and the team were looking forward to working with Corum once more as they continued to expand in the US. 

Edge Centres often creates modular "off grid" data centers that are linked to the main grid for backup power and powered by on-site wind and/or solar energy. Also, it is creating modules for hosting inside designated structures. The company just opened a US location in St. Louis and has plans to open another. By acquiring local competition DC Matrix in 2022, Edge Centres took control of two Australian locations—Sippy Downs, Queensland, and the Gold Coast. Also, in 2021, the company acquired the weather forecasting app Snowtification from Lurado software.