DXN Limited: DXN provides Palau with a modular cable landing station for Echo cable landing

Sep 01, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DXN recently set up a cable landing station (CLS) for the Meta/Google-led Echo subsea cable at Ngaradmau on the island of Palau. Last year, DXN announced that it had delivered a CLS module to the state-owned Belau Submarine Cable Company (BSCC) for a new cable run to Palau. According to the Japanese Embassy in Palau, construction on the site construction began in December 2021, with an opening ceremony taking place in June 2023.

The Palau Submarine Cable offshoot System Project (PC2) is an Echo cable network offshoot. The cable is in development by NEC. The Meta-led Echo cable is being constructed in collaboration with Google and XL Axiata and will be announced in 2021. The 17,000 km conduit connects the United States to Singapore and Indonesia via Guam and Palau. It is anticipated to go live next year, with the Palau spur operational in the first quarter of 2025.

The $30 million extension to Palau is funded by Australia, Japan, the United States, and Palau under the Trilateral Partnership for Infrastructure Investment in the Indo-Pacific. The 15,000-kilometer SEA-US cable, of which the 200-kilometer Palau branch is known as Palau Cable 1 (PC1), was constructed in 2017 and connects the United States to the Philippines and Indonesia. It belongs to a consortium of GTA TeleGuam, Globe Telecom, Hawaiian Telcom, RTI, and Telin. Asian Development Bank loans partially funded the Palau spur. This cable reaches Ngeremlengui as well.