Northern Virginia: Dominion to reconnect new data center connections in eastern Loudoun

Aug 19, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Dominion, the primary power provider in Loudoun county, has announced that although Loudoun County's data center industry outpaces its capacity to deliver electricity, there is a way forward. In a conversation with Biz Journals, Bob Blue, Dominion's president and CEO, said that the company had identified the need to accelerate its previous plans for new transmission and substation infrastructure in this area, bringing it forward by several years to alleviate transmission constraints in the future while serving its customers' growth in this region.

Moreover, commenting on its decision to "pause" connecting new data centers it said it will be able to resume new connections shortly, potentially within a few weeks, although further details around how many data centers will be reconnected and how quickly are yet to released.  Blue outlined:  “The longer-term solution will absolutely require additional transmission infrastructure to be built.  Among the needed additional infrastructure are two new 500kV transmission lines into eastern Loudoun County.”

In a statement published by Loudoun Now, Dominion Media Relations Manager Aaron Ruby, added: "Over the last few weeks, we’ve made progress on near-term solutions to reduce the constraints. We are developing a path forward that will allow us to begin resuming some new data center connections in a matter of weeks. Additionally, we will soon announce the first of several transmission line projects that will allow more new connections over the long term.”