Switch SUPERNAP: DigitalBridge and IFM Taking Switch Private For $11 billion

May 12, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DigitalBridge Group and IFM Investors have entered an agreement with Switch to take it private. The deal to take the US data center company private is worth $11 billion. The CEO and Founder of Switch, Rob Roy, said the development is a crucial moment in the company’s vision for its evolution and growth. He noted that the agreement would help Switch meet its strong customer demand for sustainable Tier V data center infrastructure. 

According to Roy, Switch is in a solid position after expanding into its Fifth Prime campus in 2021. He also noted that Switch plans to construct over 11 million square feet of data center capacity through 2030. Furthermore, Roy said the combination of Switch’s fantastic data center infrastructure and partnership with top digital infrastructure investors would help foster the company’s growth in the data center industry.

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