Digital Edge DC: Digital Edge purchases Indonet’s remaining shares

Dec 21, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Digital Edge Holdings Ptd. Ltd has purchased the remaining shares of Indonesian digital infrastructure company PT Indointernet Tbk (Indonet) in a transaction representing the full acquisition of Indonet, with the last shares being previously held by Indonet’s founders. 

Digital Edge CEO Samuel Lee said, “We’re excited about the significant growth potential of Indonesia’s digital infrastructure market, with the domestic cloud and data center sectors both predicted to see double-digit CAGR of 28 percent in the coming years. This additional investment in Indonet further consolidates our position in the market and will enable the continued deepening of the fiber and connectivity services we offer our colocation customers across the platform.”

Indonet founder Otto Toto Sugiri, one of the four founders to depart with the remaining shares, added, “ Building Indonet from the ground up has been one of my greatest achievements and I am confident the Digital Edge team will continue to take the business from strength to strength, and further capitalize on the significant growth opportunities in the Indonesian digital infrastructure market.”