Digital Edge DC: Digital Edge Planning Massive Expansion

Nov 21, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Digital Edge has announced its plan to double its data center capacity over the next five years. The company also announced plans to expand into Thailand and India. Digital Edge was formed by Stonepeak Infrastructure in August 2020. Stonepeak is a New York-based private equity company. Digital Edge has over 12 data centers in operation and construction across the APAC region. The data centers are located in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

The CEO of Digital Edge, Samuel Lee, revealed that the company has plans to grow its data center portfolio to 500MW before the end of 2027. The company's current data center capacity is 210MW. In his words: "When we talk about Asia, we cannot ignore one of the biggest tech markets, which is India, so we are definitely looking at that market. It is a massive market for data centers, there are lots of players, and population-wise, it is a big country, and Internet infrastructure basically follows the population."

He continued by saying: "The general rule is we will follow where our customer wants us to go. If you follow the news about the announcement of the Google Cloud provider, you will find a lot of them just announced they are going into Bangkok. When a market has those types of attractions, obviously it will be on our radar screen."

The data center firm also noted that it has plans for another data center in the Philippines. It currently has 10MW data center there.