Digital Edge DC: Digital Edge develops new storage system to replace lithium-ion batteries

May 27, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

APAC data center operator Digital Edge has partnered with South Korean energy storage firm Donghwa ES to develop what it calls a Hybrid Super Capacitor (HSC) as a new type of power supply for its UPS systems  to replace lithium-ion batteries at its data centers.

Jay Park, chief construction and development officer, Digital Edge said: “At Digital Edge we seek to be more than simply a data center operator, but to be a leader that continues to innovate and set new standards that will elevate the entire industry. Partnering with Donghwa, we are proud to have developed the HSC Energy Storage System, which we hope will serve to enhance the safety and reliability of the data center industry, while also supporting our environmental commitments."

“The energy density of the HSC is lower than a lithium-ion battery, however, due to its high power density (or C-rate), the HSC system has sufficient capacity to cover the same UPS load as other battery systems,” Digital Edge told DCD. “In addition this high power density means that the HSC system can be recharged in a much shorter time frame, thereby making it more suitable in consecutive power outage situations.”