Digital 9 Infrastructure: Digital 9 is investing extra $93 million in Verne Global

Jan 14, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Digital 9 Infrastructure has revealed that it is investing an extra $93 million in Iceland’s data center company Verne Global. The investment is to fund a further expansion of the data center firm. Triple Point Investment Management manages D9, and it acquired Verne Global in September last year for £231 million ($320m). Verne Global currently operates a 24MW data center in Keflavik. According to Digital 9, the $93 million investment will be used to increase Verne’s capacity by an extra 20.7MW in the next twelve months.

Verne Global already has 8MW of capacity under development. The company also revealed its plans for an extra 10MW in November last year. According to reports, the Verne Global data hall under development is scheduled to be in operation in Q3 2022. The Head of Digital Infrastructure at Triple Point, Thor Johnsen, said Verne Global’s data center infrastructure is one of the data centers with the lowest carbon footprint worldwide.
Verne Global, Iceland

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