Digital 9 Infrastructure: Digital 9 Infrastructure Increases Credit Facility By £75m ($91m)

Aug 15, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Digital 9 Infrastructure has announced an increase to its revolving credit facility by £75 million ($91m). This brings its total credit to £375m ($454m). According to D9, it still has the capacity to increase its credit facility by another £125m ($151m). The company is managed by Triple Point. It also raised more than $400 million in IPO in 2021. A statement from Triple Point said that Triple Point Investment Management continues to find attractive investment opportunities that suit the company’s portfolio.

It continued by saying the revolving credit facility will provide the group with additional capital to finance further investments. Some of the group’s existing investments include Icelandic data center company Verne Global, submarine cable company Aqua Comms, London data center company Volta, and UK Edge company SeaEdge UK1. The company also acquired Finnish data center company Ficolo Oy for €135 million ($138m) in April.

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