Deep Edge: Reno RN01: Deep Edge Realty expands in Reno

Dec 09, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Deep Edge Realty is expanding in Reno following the signing of a long-term lease at Basin Street Properties 200 South Virginia building. The company’s data center will be located on the sixth floor and offer interconnections to over ten regional service providers as well as the Tahoe Internet Exchange (Tahoe-IX).

Martin Hannigan, founder and CEO of Deep Edge Realty, commented: “200 South Virginia provides us with the space, power and access to global networks we need to interconnect tenants in our Content Access Data Center (CADC) and at 200 South Virginia with each other, and the world.”

Meanwhile, Scott Stranzl, Chief Portfolio Officer at Basin Street, said in a statement: “We are thrilled Deep Edge Realty is joining our current tenant mix at 200 South Virginia. The concept of a network interconnection ‘Meet Me Room’ and their ‘Content Hotel’ offering for digital enablement is a new addition to our Reno properties. We look forward to providing Deep Edge Realty with the necessary space to successfully bridge the digital divide and to improve network performance.”

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