DEAC: DEAC switches to 100% renewable energy

Jun 10, 2021 | Posted by Bob Tester

DEAC has announced that it is going green by switching to 100% renewable energy for all its data centers. The renewable energy will be sourced from wind farms in Northern Europe.

The Latvian data center firm currently owns two 2.3MW and 0.4MW data centers based in Riga, with a third 4MW facility in Vilnius too. The firm is also building an additional 400 racks.

Commenting on implementing the "green business" concept, Andris Gailitis, DEAC Chairman of the Board, said the firm is a socially responsible operator, and the switch contributes to the business's environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

He added: "We have already improved energy efficiency by upgrading cooling systems, adding chillers and creating new cold-hot aisle solution in the server rooms."

DEAC Press Release on June 10, 2021:
RIGA, Latvia /PRNewswire/ -- In May 2021, DEAC has become a green data center operator that uses 100% renewable energy from Northern Europe wind farms and has taken part in a global plan of economy decarbonisation.

Increasing demand of data center, especially cloud, solutions result in high consumption of energy in data centers that has negative impact on climate. As electricity from fossil fuels is directly related to carbon emissions, DEAC switched to renewable energy to minimize negative impact on the environment.

The problem of global climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions unites many countries to achieve a common goal. ICT companies worldwide are developing new green technology solutions to become climate and carbon neutral by 2030, according to the Paris Agreement.

"We have already improved energy efficiency by upgrading cooling systems, adding chillers and creating new cold-hot aisle solution in the server rooms. Using 100% renewable energy resources, DEAC, as a socially responsible operator of data centers, contributes to environmentally friendly and sustainable development of the business", - comments Andris Gailitis, DEAC Chairman of the Board.

The "green business" concept and ESG principles implies reducing consumption of resources and negative impact on the environment. With the growing demand for renewable energy, their cost will decrease in the near future and its stability and access contributes to business continuity and development.
For over 20 years, DEAC has been providing the best IT solutions on the market for its customers. Green energy is an integral component of advanced technologies and a key aspect for the development of a sustainable business. Companies can implement their "green business" concept together with the data center operator DEAC, choosing it as an ICT service provider.

DEAC is one of the largest independent data center operators in Northern Europe, owned by a Swiss investment infrastructure fund managed by Quaero Capital. Together with DLC, that also owned by Quaero Capital, DEAC offers two primary locations in Riga and Vilnius. On top of that, DEAC has points of presence in the major cities of Central and Eastern Europe. DEAC serves thousands of customers in more than 40 different countries by providing innovative IT services, applying individual business approach and top-notch technologies.

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