DCI Indonesia H2: DCI Indonesia opens first phase of 600MW data center in Kawarang

Nov 03, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DCI has announced the opening of the first phase of its second data center campus in Karawang, Indonesia. Karawang is situated to the east of Jakarta. The facility called H2 sits on 791 hectares of land, and it has a potential capacity of 600MW. The completion of the first phase sees DCI add a 15MW building called H2-01. This building has ten floors, with six being data halls with a capacity of 3,000 racks. DCI revealed that solar farms would power the facility in the same area.

Executive Director of Salim Group, Axton Salim, attended the opening of the H2-01 building. At the opening, he said there had been a dramatic increase in the demand for data centers in Indonesia in the last two years. Salim noted that digitalization is growing in the country due to the adaptation of cloud computing. He finally added that the H2 facility was built to be eco-sustainable by installing solar panels as a source of power for the facility.

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