DCI Indonesia: DCI Indonesia inaugurates a second structure on its 600MW facility outside Jakarta

Jun 26, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DCI Indonesia has inaugurated a second structure on its campus outside of Jakarta. With the incorporation of the 12MW H2-02, the H2 campus now offers 27MW between two buildings.  The H2 campus, located east of the capital city on 791 hectares in Karawang, has a total capacity of up to 600 MW. The first 15MW phase, designated H2-01, went live in November 2021.

DCI, unaffiliated with the Australian company DCI Data Centers, stated that the new facility was powered by solar energy. DCI recently concluded construction on a second facility in South Jakarta. Late in May, the company, in conjunction with PT Datacenter Indonesia Sukses Perkasa (DISP), celebrated the topping off of its first Edge Data Facility, E1, in Ariobimo Sentral, South Jakarta.

The new facility was a continuation of the Salim Group's collaboration. The 11-story E1 Data Center will provide 18 MW across 30,000 sqm and accommodate up to 4,000 workstations.