DCI Indonesia: DCI Indonesia announces launch of its second building at its H2 Data Center Campus outside Jakarta

Jun 27, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

DCI Indonesia has launched the second building at its H2 Data Center Campus outside Jakarta. The first phase at the site, H2-01, launched back in November 2021, offering 15 MW; meanwhile, H2-02, its second building, adds 12MW. The two buildings at the 791 hectare-campus now offer 27MW in total. The facility at the 600MW campus in Karawang, will also reportedly be powered by solar. 

Speaking about the launch on LinkedIn, the company said: "DCI and Salim Group are thrilled to announce the grand inauguration of H2-02, the second data center, and office facilities at the H2 Data Center Campus in Karawang. This marks a significant milestone in accelerating the expansion of the DCI Platform."

This development is further to the company completing construction work at its 11-story E1 Data Center in South Jakarta. Offering 18 MW across 30,000 sqm, the facility is set to be operational at the end of this year. 

Commenting on this, J.C Gani, senior advisor, PT DCI Indonesia Tbk, said that E1 is a Tier-IV data center, and the first of its kind in downtown Jakarta. "E1 will provide reliable, secure, and low-latency infrastructure facilities to meet the evolving digitization needs of our clients," Gani added. 

Reginald Hamdani, Salim Group Representative, said: "The construction of this data center building is the realization of the successful collaboration between DCI and Salim Group in advancing digitization in Indonesia by being closer to the users. Having a data center in the downtown area is expected to provide more adequate services in terms of low latency and connectivity."