DCI Data Centers: DCI Data Centers plans 20MW data center in Canberra, Australia

Aug 08, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

DCI Data Centers (DCI) has announced that it has secured land and power for a 20MW data center in Jerrabomba, Australia. Named CBRO1, the facility is set to go online in 2024. The data center, according to the company, will run on a separate grid and use ‘environmentally efficient technologies and construction methods’. This kind of operation is part of a multi-party agreement and investment between DCI, Poplars, and other power users that will see a 132kV powerline built by Essential Energy.

Speaking about the development and the company's vision , Malcolm Roe, DCI CEO for Australia and New Zealand, said its approach to construction has a “laser focus on sustainability,” including “industry-leading delivery of new cooling technologies which significantly enhance” its Power and Water Utilisation effectiveness.” Roe added: “This allows our customers to achieve a substantial reduction in energy costs and environmental emissions.”

“Our growing Australian data centre footprint will be in the region of 100MW by 2024,” Roe said.

DCI chair, and Brookfield managing director, Udhay Mathialagan said of the agreement: “This separate grid will support cloud services and provides resilience for the Canberra market and Capital Region. It also means that with our commitment to the site, we will expedite the development of the Precinct which will positively impact the region for future generations.”