DCI Data Centers: DCI completes AKL01 in New Zealand

Apr 20, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In Auckland, New Zealand, DCI Data Centres (DCI) has announced that it has completed work on its first cloud data center, which it has shared was delivered “on time” and “on budget.”

The addition of the new AKL01 data center, which was first announced back in 2021, comes as part of the company’s wider expansion strategy in the country, and will offer 10MW. Next up is the company’s plans to open an Albany facility, AKL02, which, when combined with AKL01, will provide 50 MW of capacity.

Speaking about this addition, Malcolm Roe, head of Australian and New Zealand business at DCI, said: “It is fantastic to have delivered our first data center in New Zealand which will address a critical capacity gap in the market and support the growth of the digital economy.”

Each data center in its expansion plans is set to create 150+ jobs during construction, and once operational, it will feature 250 ongoing jobs.

Group chief executive officer Nicholas Toh shared that the new AKL01 has been designed to support New Zealand’s data sovereignty, cloud adoption, and digital skills development. “We expect to collectively bring over NZ$600 million (US$371m) to the Auckland region, with a combined economic value exceeding NZ$1.4 billion (US$870m) over the life of the projects,” he said.