: DC Two Sells DComm Its Modular Data Center Assets For $2 Million

Feb 27, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DC Two, an Australian provider of data centers and cloud services, has received $2.02 million from DComm Infrastructure for its non-core infrastructure assets. DComm Ventures, a web 3.0 technology group of corporations in the blockchain sector, owns DComm Infrastructure as a subsidiary. According to Brett Enderby, CEO of DComm Infrastructure, the company will be able to add more modular data centers to its pipeline of $2.35 million worth of renewable energy endeavors in Western Australia by purchasing DC Two's modular data center business. 

DComm will acquire all of DC Two's modular assets, including its "non-strategic" modular customer contracts and agreements, which accounted for $806,400 in income for the December 2022 half-year period, according to the agreement, which was officially announced on February 27 though it was initially made in December 2022. This will include AusMT Energy's customer contract with DC Two, a blockchain mining farm powered entirely by renewable energy. According to its LinkedIn page, AusMT 'works in partnership with DComm Blockchain' to power its data centers with renewable energy, even though it has not achieved the income targets outlined in its deal with DC Two. 

DC Two stated in January that it was changing its emphasis and would "leverage its data center and cloud-hosted services" to concentrate on the cloud microservices market. The company also said that it had acquired Attained Group, a supplier of IT and cloud services, as part of this new approach. 
DC Two will be paid $2.02m in cash when the deal with DComm is finished, before fees. According to the corporation, these proceeds will be spent on marketing and sales, technical product and service growth, technical staff wages, and the paydown of liabilities secured against the Modular Assets.

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