DATA4 Group: DATA4 is now Fully Owned by Axa Investment Managers – Real Assets, Acting on Behalf of Axa France

Jul 28, 2018 | Posted by Eric Bell

Involved in the governance of DATA4 since 2012, AXA IM – Real Assets has supported the company in taking on the challenges of the digital transformation of companies and recognised the strong potential of the Internet infrastructure sector, two areas that are key to the digital economy.

Established in 2006 by Colony Capital, DATA4 is a European specialist in dedicated and shared data hosting. DATA4 offers its services to cloud suppliers, digital service firms, and large- and medium-sized companies. DATA4 finances, designs, builds, and operates its own data centres providing its clients with scalable, high-performance, and secure data hosting solutions.

In recent years, DATA4 has delivered strong growth driven by the exponential increase in demand from companies for digital data storage, available in real time via cloud services.

DATA4 currently operates 15 data centres in Paris, Milan, and Luxembourg and is targeting further international expansion, starting with the upcoming opening of a site in Madrid.

According to Olivier Micheli, Chairman and CEO of DATA4: ‘We are very pleased with this investment from AXA IM – Real Assets, with whom we’ve been collaborating with for six years now and who know our company and the sector very well. This is a clear show of support for us as we continue to grow and sends a signal of stability and continuity, whilst also recognising our company’s continued performance. Together we have the ambition of accelerating the execution of our strategy, reinforcing the strength of our offering in current markets whilst expanding our European footprint.’

Isabelle Scemama, CEO of AXA IM – Real Assets, commented: “We are pleased to have made this strategic investment in DATA4 which has achieved a leading position in Europe thanks to its excellent operational team and high quality portfolio of assets, while it also benefits from an ambitious development pipeline. We have a clear aim to grow the platform whilst striving to deliver the best value for our clients through the acquisition of new sites. The combination of the operational expertise of the DATA4 team and the sourcing and execution capabilities of AXA IM – Real Assets’ investment professionals should prove the platform a valuable asset to us in delivering on our ambition.”