Africa Data Centres: Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Will be Adopted in Africa Data Centres

Mar 27, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

TechAccess, a blend integrator, has partnered with Africa Data Centres, a Cassava second-class technology and a group of Africans with a common interest in technology, to launch a Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution. The DCIM solution will be provided by EkkoSense and Assetspire, with the required facilities for the DCIM platform. DCIM is used to assess, test, and review the management of IT facilities and organizational patterns within data centers. The DCIM solution will be put into use across Africa Data Centre companies in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, and Lagos, with TechAccess serving as a brain conductor for the software, hardware, integrations, project management, professional services, and other project server upgrades that make up the DCIM platform. The DCIM implementation aims to provide Africa Data Centres with a holistic approach to each facility's production, ensuring maximum productivity of all resources, including electrical equipment and floor space. By using the DCIM platform, Africa Data Centres hopes to achieve time management, cost savings, and increased achievement for the company.

Jaxon Martin, CTO for TechAccess, says that as data centers will survive for decades and net-zero initiatives become increasingly recognized, data centers must look for adaptive ways to become more energy-saving and responsive to wants.EkkoSense's CEO, Dean Boyle, says that the company's EkkoSoft Critical AI-powered data center perfection ideal will help Africa Data Centres curb spillages in digital workloads while cutting energy usage and preventing smoking all at once. Meanwhile, Steve Beber, Founder and CEO of Assetspire, asserts that Assetspire is very excited to be part of the next-generation DCIM being staged across Africa Data Centres estate along with its partners, TechAccess and EkkoSense.

The DCIM solution will help the African data center industry discover investments and profits that are key to helping the industry gain better grounds, said Tesh Durvasula, CEO of Africa Data Centres. The African data center market is expected to save over $5 billion US dollars by 2027, and DCIM can help the industrial company discover investments and profits that are key to helping the industry gain better ground. The DCIM Group parties will allow Africa Data Centres to keep track of all IT facilities while giving aid to preserve infrastructure within its data centers properly. The collaboration between Africa Data Centres, TechAccess, EkkoSense, and Assetspire will provide next-generation DCIM with inventive ideas, industrial strategies, and machine learning, giving patrons remarkable satisfaction.