Cyxtera Technologies: Cyxtera, Dell Technologies Accelerate Client Operations with On-Demand Infrastructure Services

Mar 02, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

To assist clients with infrastructure deployment more swiftly, Cyxtera and Dell Technologies have collaborated. Dell's infrastructure will be delivered by Cyxtera, a supplier of data center colocation and interconnection services, and its colocation and network technologies. The companies will offer full-stack infrastructure as a service to multinational corporations of all sizes. They will use the digital exchange network fabric and Cyxtera's worldwide footprint of colocation facilities. 

This covers server and rack-level power, network connection, colocation space, and computational infrastructure. When workloads are deployed, these features offer a cloud-like experience. Companies need colocation and specialized infrastructure for control, performance, and security. Cyxtera's business bare metal solution will allow customers to utilize Dell infrastructure. This on-demand concept offers the advantages of specialized colocation and network infrastructure. This allows them to expand their current surroundings without dealing with capital expenses, protracted implementation periods, or deteriorating assets. 

Also, through Cyxtera's Dell Experience Lab, consumers will be able to evaluate the capabilities provided by Dell and Cyxtera. The Cyxtera digital exchange platform is what powers this. Customers will be able to "hands-on" and explore the technology in the lab to see how it might function in their setting. Moreover, Dell will integrate its products with Cyxtera SmartCabs, a provider of point-and-click specialized, on-demand colocation cabinets. Network connectivity and built-in electricity are features of Cyxtera SmartCabs. This immediately gives consumers the network and computational resources they require.