TIM Group: CVC Capital Partners Offers To Acquire Telecom Italia’s Data Center & Cyber Business

Apr 01, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

CVC Capital Partners is looking to acquire a substantial stake in TIM’s data center unit. The company has offered to buy TIM’s SpA’s new enterprise services unit. Telecom Italia is currently setting up the unit. It will be part of its SerbCo division which will include the Noovle data center business, cloud computing activities, the Olivetti brand, the Telsy cybersecurity business, and other worthy assets. 

According to reports, CVC Capital Partners has asked for eight weeks to analyze the unit in question. This move is coming after a meeting has been scheduled to discuss TIM’s potential acquisition by KKR & co. The former CEO of TIM, Luigi Gubitosi, had to leave the company in November last year after disagreements with investors over a €10.8 billion bid from KKR. TIM bought Noovle in May 2020. It also relaunched the company last year by saying it is a spin-off of its data center unit. Noovle claims it has 17 data centers in its portfolio.

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