Crusoe Energy: Crusoe's technology cuts data center CO2 emissions

Nov 05, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In an effort to push forward the climate agenda as reliance on data and data centers increases, Crusoe energy has launched its new sustainable Data Center Services. According to the company, through utilizing its Digital Flare Mitigation technology, methane emissions can be reduced by 98%, and CO2-equivalent emissions by 63% "compared to continued flaring."

Crusoe's technology works by capturing stranded waste gas resources and then converting them into electricity. Its modular steel structures reportedly provide access controls, dust-proof vestibules, redundant HVAC cooling and fire suppression systems and deliver power at a flat monthly rate. Standard rack power density is available from 12.5kW to 25kW per rack, or 250kW per module. It is also scalable up to multiple megawatts more.

Although installed at the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana, which is "a discreet, diverse environment" with a "low risk of natural disasters," data is accessible through a high-bandwidth fiber-optic network with microwave backup.
Crusoe Energy Systems’s mobile data centers are installed directly on an oil well pad to conduct compute-intensive applications, and are powered by waste natural gas. (Source: Crusoe)

Flaring from gas wells (Source: Crusoe)

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