CoreSite: CoreSite exploring sale

Nov 12, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

According to Reuters, CoreSite is looking at the possibility of a sale. The real estate trust is working with an investment bank to see its options. CoreSite currently operates over 25 data centers across North America. It also has a market of over $8 billion. According to reports, CoreSite has been approached by some major companies, including Digital Realty Trust and American Tower Corp. 

Digital Realty is known as one of the largest data center firms globally. American Tower, on the other hand, has a small portfolio of just three data center facilities. American Tower entered the data center business after acquiring Colo Atl in 2019 before renaming it to Metro Data Center. Since then, it has acquired Cyber Wurx and DataSite.

Digital Realty is very popular for acquiring and investing in data center firms. One of the firm’s biggest transactions is a merger with Interxion in 2019 for $8.4 billion. Interxion had up to 53 data centers with 290MW of capacity at the time of the merger.

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