Russia / Россия: Circularity in action: Obit shares data center/vertical farm plans

Jul 17, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Obit has shared plans for a new data center in St. Petersburg, which will be located on a land plot home to a complex of vertical farms. The company is set to invest around two billion rubles ($22.1m) in the project, which will offer a capacity for 512 racks, with excess heat released from the data center equipment used to maintain the temperature in the farm. 

Obit will lease land from ITMO Highpark JSC and build the facility in the ITMO Highpark in Yuzhny satellite city, which is a new district of St. Petersburg.

Speaking about the project, Andrey Guk, general director of Obit, said: "It is no secret that data centers consume a huge amount of energy, but without them, it is difficult to imagine the further development of the IT industry. By directing excess heat from our data center to secondary use, we expect to reduce the negative effects of digitalization. I am very glad that ITMO Highpark, as an innovative platform where breakthrough products and solutions will be created, has become a pioneer in this area and provided us with the opportunity to implement this non-standard, bold, and certainly important project."

Meanwhile, Andrey Nazarov, CEO of ITMO Highpark, added: "It is very important that the first company in the Technological Valley to start implementing the project will be the company that will provide infrastructure for future residents of ITMO Highpark."

Nazarov said that the data center is the "answer to the growing big data market." "It will become the basis for building ITMO Highpark's digital infrastructure and will make it easier for other companies and startups to enter the platform," Nazarov noted.

Work on the design is set to conclude by the end of 2023, with completion of construction pegged for September 2025.