Chindata Group: Chindata and Vertiv make big claims about waterless 'X-Cooling' technology

Aug 09, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Chindata and Vertiv have announced what they're calling x-cooling, the "world's first waterless cooling technology," which they say enables data centers to operate without consuming any water, working at a WUE (water usage effectiveness) of zero. The announcement of the technology was reportedly made at the 2022 China Computing Conference, however, according to DCD, it has been unable to track down any information about the conference.

According to the company, the technology works through a "complex coordination of software controllers and hardware induction technology" which matches ambient temperatures to "generate a natural cooling process that reduces energy consumption." It can reportedly be adjusted to accommodate changing outdoor environments, as well as indoor load changes to optimize efficiency - although, these are typical features of modern data center cooling technology. 

In a statement at the 2022 China Computing Conference, Zhang Binghua, CTO of Chindata Group, said: "Carbon emissions, water and energy use are three areas which present a fundamental challenge for data centers. Together with the technical research and supply chain integration expertise of our partner Vertiv Technology, Chindata Group is very pleased to release details of 'X-Cooling,' the world's first waterless cooling technology."

Binghua added: "We believe this major innovation in the reduction of power usage effectiveness (PUE) and water use efficiency (WUE) for cooling will bring about a new paradigm for the development of green and other low-carbon technologies, enabling better use of land, energy, and water. At Chindata Group, we are passionate about promoting sustainability and efficient energy use."

These are some big claims made by the two companies, however, there is actually little information about how the technology works.

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