United States: Castrol Joins The ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program of GRC

Mar 08, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Castrol has joined GRC's certification program for alternate data center immersion tank cooling fluids.This week, the company announced that it had joined GRC's ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, which makes its Castrol ON immersion cooling fluid compatible with GRC equipment. The companies stated that, as part of the agreement, they would assess and collect fluid test data using a unique technique to maximize material suitability, safety, and thermal capacity. 

Ben Smith, chief product officer at GRC, stated that with Castrol's participation in the ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, GRC could offer its worldwide clientele an additional immersion cooling fluid. The Castrol ON line of immersion coolants will allow its clients to experience increased performance without sacrificing long-term material compatibility while boosting their data center's energy and water efficiency. The ElectroSafe partner program aims to provide an expanded selection of "earth-friendly" liquid coolants that have been rigorously tested with the company's immersion tanks. GRC's ElectroSafe-branded coolants are accessible worldwide and included in the program. 

Shell was the program's initial partner, joining in December 2022. ENEOS of Japan joined the plan in January, followed by SK Enmove of South Korea last month. Immersion cooling effectively and quietly removes heat from IT equipment, decreasing cooling energy waste. It can manage larger rack power densities, as seen in emerging applications such as artificial intelligence, and it discharges waste heat in a more usable form (hot water) than air conditioning, which is the industry standard in data centers.

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