United Kingdom: Britain's swimming pools to be heated with waste data center heat with Deep Green technology

Mar 17, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In Exmouth, Devon, a small Edge data center, named the "digital boiler" has been installed at a local leisure center by UK startup, Deep Green, to heat the swimming pool. While initially, the company planned to target seven swimming pools across the UK with the boilers, this has now been increased to 20, in response to demand, with a view to even further expansion. The digital boiler has been provided to the council-run center free of charge.

The digital boiler is a 28kW system that runs an HPC cluster which is available to cloud customers, and utilizes hot oil that is pumped into a heat exchanger to warm the water in the pool.

As more people become aware of the severity of the climate crisis, and the need for climate change mitigation, alongside the energy crisis, the importance of projects that employ circular economy principles has never been more important. In an interview with BBC radio, for example, Jane Nickerson, CEO of Swim England, said that the technology could be an “absolute game changer” considering that energy costs are currently spiralling. 

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