United Kingdom: Bradford Data Center To Become A College Institute

Jan 31, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A British office and data center will be converted into a college teaching facility.  This week, CECOS College was awarded permission to convert data center on 8 Currer Street in Bradford, West Yorkshire, into an IT teaching facility. The City Council of Bradford accepted a change of use proposal from Class E, data center, to Class F1(a), educational provision. The project was recommended for approval by the planning department. The Grade II-listed, four-story sandstone storehouse from the late 19th century is situated in the Little Germany Conservation Area in Bradford. Formerly, the second and third floors were used as offices as well as data storage centers. 

CECOS College Bradford, which offers further and higher ed in the United Kingdom, is the anticipated tenant. The institution intends to use three levels, primarily for student IT laboratories and staff offices. According to a Mark Brearley sales brochure, the property consists of 6,560 square feet and is for sale for around $660,000. It appears to have been formerly inhabited by a CCTV and security company. 
Per Historic England, the building was erected by architect Eli Milnes in 1863. During the nineteenth century, Little Germany was a key European textile commercial center. 

In 1983, the site was registered. The 1991 and 2000 applications were for a modification of use from warehouse to office. According to the most recent planning papers, there will be no effect on the outside face of the building, which will "in no way detract from the area's historical character."

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