Singapore: Bitdeer expands: Announces new data centers in Norway and Bhutan

Jul 12, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In Bitdeer Technologies Group's latest operations update, it shared details about its upcoming expansion. Linghui Kong, Chief Executive Officer of Bitdeer, noted that its 100MW Gedu mining data center in Bhutan, for example, is almost complete and is expected to be delivered in July. 

Further to this, the technology company's CEO shared that it has made "significant progress" towards expanding its infrastructure by initiating construction on a new 175MW immersion cooling data center at its Tydal mining facility in Norway. The company shared that it expects the facility will be completed by 2025. 

The update also shared details about the company's infrastructure and outlined that approximately 10,000 mining machines arrived at the Gedu Datacenter at the end of June 2023, which included around 8,000 newly-purchased mining machines.