Equinix New York Secaucus NY5: Beeks Expands to Equinix NY5 facility

May 14, 2019 | Posted by Eric Bell

Beeks announced on its website that it is growing its portfolio of datacentre locations by deploying in the Equinix NY5 New York datacentre. In addition to this, Beeks has extended its current rackspace in Equinix LD4 by taking a third cage in the London datacentre.

With presence in 11 total datacentres currently, this move allows us to continue to increase our available offering to customers, supplying the opportunity for further connectivity options to financial exchanges from the new location.

It also allows Beeks to scale our Equinix footprint by expansion into these particular datacentres, with Beeks running at nearly 200kva of capacity within Equinix sites.

The Beeks Cloud will now operate within ten Equinix datacentres globally, providing ultra-low latency hosting and connectivity within and between these locations.

Russell Poole, Equinix’s Managing Director for the UK and the Nordics, commented: “Beeks Financial Cloud is a key player in our financial services (FS) ecosystem, and it’s great to have them doubling their footprint in two of our leading FS markets – London and New York. By expanding in both LD4 and NY5, Beeks can offer its customers latency in the region of 30 milliseconds between the two cities – a crucial advantage in the trading world.”

Gordon McArthur, Beeks’ CEO, commented: “We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Equinix by expanding in these sites. The London LD4 datacentre has always proven a popular location for our customers and it is satisfying to be able to continue to meet this demand by adding our third cage. An additional New York site will bring further hosting and connectivity options to our clients.”
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