Amazon AWS: AWS wants to buy 41 acres of land in Warrenton, North Virginia if town reverses regulation barring the construction of data centers

Jun 17, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

The Fauquier Times reports that Amazon Web Services is planning to buy 41.7 acres of land in Warrenton, North Virginia if the town finally changes its rules to allow the construction of data centers. At a Warrenton Planning Commission, it was proposed that the rule be changed and data centers should be allowed to be constructed. During the meeting, Amazon Web Services also said that it would buy land to build its data center if the rule is changed.

The proposal to amend the rule barring data centers from being built reads that a special use permit must first be granted to any Company trying to build a data center in the town. Requirements for water use, power lines, and building designs were also added to the proposal. Attorney John Foote stated that Amazon Web Services, his client, intends to buy a 41.7-acre land from Weissberg Investment Corp if the regulation is reversed.

Commissioner James Lawrence added that he doesn’t have any problem with data centers. He is however concerned about the value data centers will add to the town because they do not provide more jobs and housing.