Amazon AWS: AWS to use low-carbon EcoPact concrete in new facilities in North Virginia

Feb 03, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In Northern Virginia, home to the largest concentration of data centers in the world, AWS has announced that it has signed an agreement with Holcim US, and Baker Concrete Construction to utilize EcoPact concrete for the construction of a number of data centers. 

The cement and concrete industry's carbon emissions have doubled since 2002, contributing 2.6 billion metric tonnes of emissions in 2021. Overall, the industry contributes nearly 8% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. According to Holcim, its offerings have carbon emissions ranging from 30 to 100 percent less than those of standard concrete. That said, the company has not released details about how this reduction is achieved. 

Speaking about its partnership with AWS, the company said: "AWS implemented a new design standard requiring concrete with at least a 20 percent reduction in embodied carbon versus standard concrete for new US data centers. Holcim's EcoPact mixes allow AWS to not only meet this requirement but almost double it."

Meanwhile, Cedric Barthelemy, regional head, mid-Atlantic with Holcim US, commented: "AWS and Baker Concrete Construction are known for bold thinking across business models, which extends to the companies' respective approaches to sustainability. Our partnership pairs AWS' experience in data warehousing and our expertise in designing low-carbon concretes to ultimately result in contributing to a more sustainable built environment." 

Gurmeet Sethi, AMER head of AWS data center procurement added: "To help meet that commitment, AWS is focused on continuous sustainability-related innovation across our global infrastructure, and forging industry collaborations with companies like Holcim is one way we can do that. This will both allow AWS to further reduce carbon emissions associated with the building of our data centers and create new opportunities to build infrastructure more sustainably across the region."

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