Amazon AWS: AWS says it will share its emissions data

Mar 04, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In a bid to catch up with competitors Microsoft Azure and Google, AWS has announced the launch of a new free carbon tracker tool for customers. This tool, ​​the 'Customer Carbon Footprint Tool' comes as part of its commitment to The Climate Pledge and will enable its cloud customers to track, measure, review, and forecast the carbon emissions linked with their usage of AWS services. 

According to the company, customers will be able to access data from as far back as January 2020, and through the tool, access reports down to a time period of one month, and view emissions by geographical location and AWS services. It will allow them to measure changes in their carbon footprint over time.

Speaking about the giant's goals to reduce its environmental impact, AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr said in a blog post: "As part of Amazon's efforts to increase sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, we co-founded The Climate Pledge in 2019. Along with the 216 other signatories to the Pledge, we are committed to reaching net-zero carbon by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. We are driving carbon out of our business in a multitude of ways."

Commenting about the recent release of a number of similar tools by data center companies and tech giants, David Mytton, a sustainable-computing researcher at Imperial College London, outlined that it is only recently that companies have moved away from "very restricted transparency" on carbon footprints. He also added that Amazon is "quite far behind" in comparison to other companies.