Amazon AWS: AWS planning new data center under name 'Project Echidna,' in West Sydney, Australia

Jun 27, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

AWS is planning a new data center in Sydney, Australia. Located in west Sydney, under the program name Project Echidna, the facility will see an investment of AU$300 million (US$200m). 

Built across two stories, the facility will offer 35.2MW of capacity on 9,225 sqm (99,300 sq ft), and is located adjacent to another data center on the same site currently under construction. The facility will reportedly take two years to build; AWS had hoped construction would begin in early 2023. 

According to documents, the backup power would be provided by 19 generators, with "distributed lithium-ion batteries" installed in the data halls for short-term "ride-through" power to the IT equipment while the backup generators start.

Small uninterruptible power systems would also reportedly provide battery backup to various other critical systems, according to itNews.