Amazon AWS: AWS files for expansion in Dublin, environmental group opposes citing emissions

Feb 01, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Amazon is seeking expansion in Dublin, Ireland, having filed for permission from Fingal County Council for an additional three more data centers at one of its campuses, located at Cruiserath Road. A decision on the application is expected in February. 

Filed by Universal Developers LLC for Amazon, the application is for Data Centre E, Data Centre F, and Data Centre G, spanning 1,425 sqm (15,350 sq ft), 20,580 sqm (221,520 sq ft), and 20,580 sqm, respectively.

With regard to sustainability efforts within the filing, Amazon outlined its intention to install beehives, solar panels on roofs F and G, heat recovery systems, and plans to explore opportunities to procure renewable diesel for its backup fuel. When fully built out, it is estimated that the campus will provide around 220 MW of capacity.

The Not Here Not Anywhere group has announced its opposition to the application, filing an objection with Fingal County Council. The group argues that the application "goes against the best interests of the country." On behalf of Not Here Not Anywhere, Angela Deegan, from Drumcondra, outlined to the council that "in the middle of an energy crisis, like Ireland's electricity grid at risk of failure in winter, large, wasteful energy data centres simply cannot be allowed to use any more of the nation's gas and electricity". Adding: "Powering the data centre entirely with on-site or new off-site renewable energy would not be feasible based on this application, permission for its development should be refused".

Another objection was filed by Eimear Manning, from Clonshaugh, who argued that the jobs AWS has promised do "not justify the disproportionately large production of CO2," which Manning called "inordinate." Adding: "While I understand that the applicant has suggested that renewable energy will be used to power this campus, the concept of 'offsetting' carbon dioxide is inherently harmful. It gives the false impression that a project such as this development will not be damaging to the environment."

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