Amazon AWS: AWS and Element Six Develop Synthetic Diamonds for Quantum Networks

Apr 14, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Networking has partnered with Element Six, a De Beers Group division, to create synthetic diamonds that can act as nodes in quantum networks. This collaboration aims to use diamond memory nodes to enable quantum communication to travel long distances without any breakdown. AWS and Element Six have confirmed that researchers will use these diamonds to advance the future development of quantum technologies like secure networks, sensors, or computers. According to Daniel Twitchen, the executive director of business development and technology sales at Element Six, the collaboration's ultimate goal is to create a scalable synthetic diamond solution. Because natural diamonds lack the purity needed to scale quantum memories, researchers are working on creating synthetic diamonds that can match the requirements.

Bart Machielse, a senior research scientist at AWS, noted that researchers are using the same growth techniques utilized in the semiconductor industry to grow these diamonds. They can make diamonds with levels of purity and in shapes that don't exist in nature. This makes them a powerful tool for optimizing the diamond host for quantum memories. The successful creation of synthetic diamonds will significantly impact quantum networks' development, as the subatomic matter of diamonds will enable quantum communication to travel a longer distance without breaking down. With this development, quantum technologies like sensors, computers, and secure networks will advance and impact the finance, defense, and medicine industries.